Increase your Vertical

Too many kids want to get better, hope to get better, but aren’t prepared to put in the work. Most people don’t like lifting legs because it’s hard work and let’s face it, most people aren’t impressed by how muscular your legs are. The sad part is that vertical leap can be improved by spending 1-2 hours per week working out. It doesn’t require weights, special shoes, weighted vests, or specific genes (although these things help).

Take a look at the following 12 week program which promises to improve your vertical leap. Follow the program instructions closely and I guarantee you’ll be jumping higher at the end. Remember, the only way you’ll improve in anything is to put in the work. If you cut corners and make excuses you’re only cheating yourself.

For some extra motivation, check out BallasTV mixtape of 5′-8″ Trae Jefferson at Session 1 of the Adidas Uprising:


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