It is imperative that nutrition information be imparted on today’s youth. Most of America’s top leading death risk factor for all ages and all sexes was diet. The number one killer of Americans today is heart disease, which is almost solely a diet related illness. A group of missionary hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa discovered that heart disease was virtually unheard of in Uganda, where Ugandans ate a diet consisting of vegetables, potatoes, yams, and leafy greens. The study took autopsies of 632 Ugandans and age and gender matched Missourians, and only ONE Ugandan had had a heart attack compared to 136 Missourians. The researchers were so blown away by the results that they performed an additional 800 autopsies and still only the one Ugandan heart attack, and that wasn’t even his cause of death. Unfortunately, nearly all children by the age of ten raised on the SAD (Standard American Diet) already have fatty streaks in their arteries, which is the first stage of heart disease.

Diabetes, the seventh leading cause of death in America, affects 13.2% of African-Americans and 12.8% of Hispanics, compared to the 7% of non-Hispanic Whites. Diabetes is said to be caused by diets high in calories and saturated fats. Diabetes can be prevented, regulated and reversed with a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet. Scientists in 1979 showed that, without any weight loss, but a diet free of dairy, meat, fish and junk could get a twenty-year diabetic who took insulin daily off of ALL INSULIN in thirteen days. Thirteen Days!

Illness affects everyone. Those that are ill cannot work or actively participate in life. A single parent who works for an hourly rate is one illness away from complete destitution. If their child is sick, they cannot go to work to care for the child. With one in three kids (up to age 11) being at least overweight, one in five teens has high cholesterol, and a new study shows that 99% eat unhealthy diets, we need to act now.

Doctors used to say that smoking cigarettes in MODERATION was fine. The first surgeon general’s warning against smoking cigarettes was opposed by the AMA- that would be the American Medical Association- right after the AMA received a $10,000,000.00 check from the Tobacco Industry. This “Moderation” mantra is the same story now about processed meats (bacon, ham, lunch meats, and jerky) and red meat after the World Health Organization released its findings and classified processed meats as a Class 1 Carcinogen (cancerous to humans) and red meat as a Class 2 (possible carcinogen to humans). We do not want the same amount of our children to have to die of dietary diseases as those who died of lung and throat cancer before the ridiculous moderation story is redacted.