Results of Hard Work

I ran across this post at www.BreakThroughBasketball.com about a kid who scored a grand total of 0 points with 5 rebounds his junior year and decided he wasn’t happy with that. These guys stress improving a little at a time and I’m all for that. If you’re not getting better than you’re getting worse. The reason why is because there are hundreds if not thousands of kids out there trying to take your spot. I tell kids all of the time that if you’re serious about being a collegiate basketball player you need to outwork the other guys. Rest and time off is very important as is being a student and spending quality time away from the court but when you’re in the gym and training you should be maximizing effort. You’re just killing time if you go to the gym for a half -hearted workout. One last thing about the post, I agree with everything except the last sentence. While focusing on your strengths is important, it’s equally important to focus on your weaknesses. It takes more time and effort but with hard work, sacrifice, and commitment there’s no reason why your weaknesses can’t be turned into strengths. If you struggle with weak hand dribble find someone to help you. You can even email me for more info. The bottom line is it can be corrected with time and effort. A lot of people think kids are overworked already, particularly with the grind of AAU and to a certain extent that is true. However, if you have the choice between sitting on the coach and playing 2-3 hours of 2k or working on your game I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get off the couch for a 20-30 minutes and grind out a good hard dribble routine. In the end, you make sacrifices or you make excuses. It’s up to you.


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