Travel Teams

Boston Hoops will have tryouts this spring for our travel teams. Each team will have a Zero Gravity tournament schedule for the spring season and also the fall season. Each team will have a coach assigned who will be responsible for the mentoring as well as the coaching.

Practices will be conducted twice per week and will be followed by a nutritious dinner. Players will also be provided with ingredients to make a version of the meal at home.

Students will be asked to provide copies of their report cards and asked to maintain a minimum grade point average. Tutoring services will be mandatory for all students with more C’s than A’s or B’s in core classes.

Each player would also be asked to attend a community event or provide a community service activity at least once per session. This allows the kids to give back to the community and appreciate that they are a part of a larger story.

We encourage kids to do their best and, win or lose, to respect themselves and their opponents. Their worth is not determined by their skill level, athletic achievements, or wins and losses. They are made in the image of God, and while imperfect, they are immeasurably loved by a God who knows them by name.